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Doreen Gonzalez-Gaboyan

June 29, 2022

Doreen has extensive experience in the cybersecurity space, in workforce development, and as a woman and minority business owner.

Throughout her career, she has worked to create education, training, and opportunities that enhance professionals’ ability to remain competitive in the workforce, and she has a passion for helping women and minorities through their unique challenges as business people.

Her journey began as the owner of Business Interior Solutions, a supplier of interior design and furniture for businesses, where she was lauded as being the first certified women business enterprise (WBE) and first certified minority business enterprise (MBE) in Northwest Indiana, receiving an 8A award for Minority Business of the Year.

She advanced into the economic development realm after building relationships with county, state, and federal agencies to leverage contracts for women- and minority-owned companies.

Then, while serving as assistant director for Minority Engagement and Development at Purdue University, Doreen created a Women and Minority Outreach and Recruitment Program – a cybersecurity apprenticeship program that created a steady pipeline of skilled workers to solve employer’s workforce shortages and create a successful pathway to high-paying jobs for participants. This brought her to the helm of Purdue University’s Cyber Apprenticeship Program.

Her collective experience in academia, workforce development, and cybersecurity has led her to create Industry Workforce Solutions, committed to helping professionals meet sophisticated government-mandated cybersecurity protocols as a way of staying competitive players in the national supply chain.