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Doreen Gonzalez-Gaboyan

President and Founder,

Industry Workforce Solutions, Inc.

Doreen has extensive experience in the cybersecurity space, in workforce development, and as a woman and minority business owner.

Throughout her career, she has worked to create education, training, and opportunities that enhance professionals’ ability to remain competitive in the workforce, and she has a passion for helping women and minorities through their unique challenges as business people.

Her journey began as the owner of Business Interior Solutions, a supplier of interior design and furniture for businesses, where she was lauded as being the first certified women business enterprise (WBE) and first certified minority business enterprise (MBE) in Northwest Indiana, receiving an 8A award for Minority Business of the Year.

She advanced into the economic development realm after building relationships with county, state, and federal agencies to leverage contracts for women- and minority-owned companies.

Then, while serving as assistant director for Minority Engagement and Development at Purdue University, Doreen created a Women and Minority Outreach and Recruitment Program – a cybersecurity apprenticeship program that created a steady pipeline of skilled workers to solve employer’s workforce shortages and create a successful pathway to high-paying jobs for participants. This brought her to the helm of Purdue University’s Cyber Apprenticeship Program.

Her collective experience in academia, workforce development, and cybersecurity has led her to create Industry Workforce Solutions, committed to helping professionals meet sophisticated government-mandated cybersecurity protocols as a way of staying competitive players in the national supply chain.

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Jan Fourman


Research Scientist, Purdue University

Owner/Founder, Fourman Consulting

Jan serves as the chief advisor in workforce, risk assessment and curriculum development for Industry Workforce Solutions. She is an expert in program development for quality compliance, risk mitigation assessment, and Six Sigma strategies for the pharmaceutical, medical device and other manufacturing organizations.

To name a few, she has consulted for the Food and Drug Association (FDA), International Standards Organization (ISO), Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), and the National Institute of Health (HIH).

Jan has worked in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry in therapeutics, manufacturing, quality, and cybersecurity. She also has experience in project management, metric collection, and data analysis, and is a Six Sigma Black Belt.

In the pharmaceutical industry, there are strict statutory and regulatory standards that must be met to ensure quality of drugs and medical devices. In order to remain compliant with those standards, the industry relies upon experts like Jan, who consult with organizations the methods to mitigate risk and remain compliant. In addition, she is a certified auditor in ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

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Chris Golden


Chief Information Security Officer, SCP Health

Owner/Founder, 3rd Party Risk Assessment

Chris serves as a chief advisor in the creation of IWS educational training and assessments on cyber threat awareness.

As the former director of education and training for the CMMC Center of Excellence, Chris works to enhance the overall security and resilience of the supply chain for the defense industrial base and the U.S. Department of Defense.

He brings extensive experience in organizational development, forging new relationships, protecting sensitive data, building cybersecurity ecosystems, and coaching and mentoring high functioning teams.

He has developed and authored diverse security awareness training and mentoring programs and has coordinated corporate training programs focusing on cybersecurity. He is an expert practitioner in the evaluation of an organization’s overall cybersecurity posture and strengths and challenges. He creates cybersecurity maturity roadmaps ‘and plans of action to mature a company’s internal defensive measures.

Chris builds consensus among leadership, employees, and customers. He has developed and authored diverse security awareness training and mentoring programs for his organization and successfully coordinated corporate training programs focusing on cybersecurity.

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Miguel Villareal

CEO and Founder, VILLA-TECH, Inc.

Miguel serves as the chief advisor in small business development for Industry Workforce solutions.  He is an expert in the CyberReadyMBE program.  He has implemented the program and now working directly with the Department of Defense.

After spending 24 years working in the information
technology sector, Miguel established a technology
company specializing in the architecture of global
scale next-generation networks, cloud and security

While at the helm of the firm, launched in 2014 and
headquartered in Naperville, Illinois, Miguel leads
continued developing software-defined networking
(SDN), cloud services, networking and data
architectures and security technologies, all while continuing to build a professional and managed services practice.

VILLA-TECH, Inc. is also the creator of STRUCTURA.IO, an infrastructure as code (IaC) commercial software product, that is changing the way system integrators and cloud developers build security cloud solutions.

Miguel has completed coursework in MIT Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy, MIT Big Data and Social Physics, and MIT Tackling the Challenges of Big Data Certifications. He is a ONF-certified SDN associate and
certified in Google Cloud Platform Networking.

Miguel has landed VILLA-TECH Inc. in position to be a multi-million-dollar corporation with reputable clients and projects globally.