A Powerful Trio

IWS brings together the brightest minds in business, government and academia to address the cyber maturity issues that inhibit the nation’s supply chain resiliency. The collective expertise of these players is key to solving the nation’s supply chain gaps and related cybersecurity issues.


Every U.S. business, no matter its size, needs insulation from cybercrime. Now more than ever, strategic partnerships across all industries are critical to this effort.


Protecting the nation’s ideas, data and technological and industrial dominance against cybercriminals is a priority. As the protocols get more sophisticated, businesses have to be ready.


Academic experts lead the way by providing critical research and applied technologies. Getting this research into practice is a critical piece of the nation’s supply chain resiliency.

Cybersecurity Facts

Sixty percent of businesses will fold within six months of a cyberattack.

Nearly $600 billion is lost to cybercrime each year.

Data breaches cost $2 million per incident and stem from third-party access.