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Supply Chain Diversity

A resilient supply chain is fortified by diversity, a concept rooted in the U.S. civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. It entails sustainability, flexibility under stress, and immunity to disruptions from geopolitical, meteorological, health, or economic shocks, ensuring long-term security. Sourcing from diverse suppliers is a social and economic imperative that impacts the entire U.S. economy.  For companies committed to equality and inclusion, we assist them in identifying and cultivating a diverse supply chain. We aim to ensure suppliers are capable of meeting the stringent requirements of procurement and security protocols.

Our seasoned industry experts assist clients in initiating outreach and engagement programs to identify diverse suppliers. We offer comprehensive gap assessment protocols for onboarding, support suppliers in meeting protocols through tailored training and workforce development, and provide targeted remediation services, especially in cybersecurity, to address and close identified gaps to ensure our clients have suppliers who meet the requirements for seamless business onboarding.

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