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Industry Workforce Solutions (IWS) is a consulting firm that arose out of a critical need facing the nation.

The U.S. supply chain – every process from the development to the distribution of a commodity – needs more diversity and more volume. Every business, of every size and specialty, needs equal opportunity in the movement of goods, services, and ideas, in order for the nation’s economy to truly thrive.

But largely because of cybersecurity threats, many are left out in the cold. The supply chain is an ecosystem that demands an increasingly sophisticated level of cybersecurity that is inaccessible to many businesses. The hard truth is that equal opportunity is lacking and that is bad for everyone.

IWS’s objective is to improve the nation’s supply chain resiliency by bringing together the greatest minds in academia, government, and business to level the playing field. This is especially important for small and minority-owned businesses that often don’t get a seat at the table, yet are crucial for the health of the entire U.S. supply chain.

Through educational programs and by connecting those who can help each other, IWS is working to establish a more robust and diverse supply chain for the nation.

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We Provide

Accreditation pathways to enable companies to achieve cyber readiness

Cybersecurity and workforce training to pivot companies to offer products and services

Opportunities for cyber-secure, contract-ready companies.

Our Mission

To prepare companies for cyber growth and supply chain resiliency by bringing together key stakeholders and resources to launch initiatives that will identify, build, and connect small businesses with opportunities across the nation.